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About Emco Iran

"Emco Iran Consulting Engineers" was established in 1963 to provide engineering services in Iran. The Emco Consulting Engineers due to the significant expertise of the founding members and the skilled personnel in various fields of engineering was able to take responsibility of studing, designing and supervision of a considerable number of development projects in the country. And recognized as one of the best  Engineering firms in the country. By the year 1353 company was awarded "Golden Mercury International Award" in addition, numerous letters of appreciation and recommendations was received from various project owners.

In 1353,  the tender of the comprehensive plan of the greater Lavasanat was send out to the first six best engineering firms of Iran. Emco Consulting Engineers presented the well taught plans which award it the contract. Emco; after working on the project, submitted the designs and documents plus extra comprehensive road plan; which was approved as the guide to the city development plan.

Emco Consulting Engineers was one of the first companies specialized in city planning and design plus working with international consulting firms such as Doxiadis of Greece.

Since the beginning of its activities Emco Consulting Engineers has trained significant number of experts. Whom at present are the top consultants in their fields in the country, this also shows the capacity and efficiency of our Consulting firm.


In year 1365, Emco adjusted itself with the new regulation of Management and Planning Organization of Iran; hence, hired several professional engineers and also changed its name to Emco Iran Consulating Engineers.


Emco Iran Consulting Engineers Immediately after the new re-organization started to work in different fields and soon got its place among the Iran best engineering firms again. And this has been admitted by the several auditors of Management and Planning Organization of Iran.  

Emco Iran specialized in Architectural projects, City Planning, Civil work, and Structural engineering. The company has more than one hundred (100) professional personnel working in the office of more than one thousand (1000m2) square meter which is owned by the board of directors. Emco also uses the best and the most up to date soft wares and computer hard wares which is essential to be in the competitive market.